What to Wear

What you wear to a session makes all the difference in, not only the timelessness of the photo, but also the mood. Dark, bold colours are often going to lend itself to moodier and rich photos. Light neutral colours are going to produce more airy and bright photos. You also have to consider the location (backdrop) and the time of year! In general, I lean more towards light and neutral colours because I love light and airy photos that will be beautiful for years and years to come!

Also, these are just suggestions after many years of photographing families. The main objective for your photos is that it captures your family's identity and personality. You should always feel relaxed and comfortable in anything you wear because it will reflect in your photos!

Fall Outdoor Photos

For Fall, I would recommend light neutral colours, like light grey or beige, as a base colour. Then, add pops of fall colours with sweaters or scarves. Great colour pop suggestions: burgundy, deep green, mustard yellow. Some plaid prints would also be nice to add.

Spring and Summer Outdoor Photos

Spring and Summer is perfect for soft colours, pastels and of course light neutrals. Soft florals and chambray is also a great choice.

Winter/Christmas Outdoor Photos

In case you haven't noticed a theme, I will suggest light neutrals for EVERY SEASON. LOL. So, Winter is no exception. Use light neutrals as a base and add pops of Winter colours, which can be bright red, emerald or deep greens, brown, navy, etc. If it's a very white snowy day, you can get away with anything, even black!

Coordinating Your Family Outfits

My number one rule for family outfits (and I cannot stress this enough): DO NOT all wear identical outfits. For example, do not all wear white shirts and jeans. You can have kids/twins wear the same outfit, or mom and daughter, or dad and son, but do not all wear the same thing. Christmas PJs are the only exception LOL. When you wear identical outfits, it starts to look like a uniform. Your photos should look natural and unforced, and this begins with your outfits.

Okay, now that's out of the way, let's talk about how to coordinate! I generally would suggest first starting with basics, or your base, and for this you are best with a light neutral base. So choose some items that are going to be neutral and then add your colours. When adding colours, choose 2 colours, maybe 3, but no more than that. If you start with one person's outfit, like the kids, or mom, you can build from there. The idea is to have variety but still look like you belong together.

I'm also very big on a variety of texture. Adding lace (spring/summer), knits (fall and winter), jeans etc is perfect!

You can also check Pinterest for ideas or use the photos on this page as inspiration. The photos here are all my clients and I'd like to say I have the best dressed clients ever!

Other things to AVOID

Some things are just not friendly in photos, and here they are, in general:

  • Large logos or slogans
  • Graphic tees
  • Crocs (LOL i'm serious)
  • Busy prints, like small plaid patterns and small striped patterns. If you aren't clear on this one, feel free to ask)

Indoor Sessions

For indoor sessions, I will always suggest LIGHT NEUTRAL colours. Indoor sessions can be tricky when it comes to the availability of light and the presence of shadows, so light colours like white and beige or light grey will really help brighten up the photos. Technically speaking, shades of white would help bounce available light, which really helps if we are photographing in your home, for example. This doesn't mean you should all wear white. You can add colours like blush pink, blue, or anything soft and light, in addition to whites/beiges.

I hope that helps! If you need a little more guidance, please feel free to email me.