Hi, I am April Leilani.

I fell in love with cameras at a very young age - captivated by its ability to capture beauty and freeze time. It's rare for me to go about everyday life without thinking about how a moment could be framed and captured to preserve its emotion.

I started my journey on quite a different path than I thought it would start. After high school, I decided to take Biotechnology as my career path and completed a diploma in Biotechnology, a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Biology, and then a post-graduate certificate in Project Management. I worked in labs, Clinical Research, and eventually in Health Care and Insurance Case Management. Needless to say, my creative itch was severely suppressed. I spent my weekends and weeknights exercising my creative muscles, doing invitation and paper projects for friends and referrals from friends. I picked up my first digital SLR and took photos every chance I could get of my friend's children, nature, inanimate objects, and much to his disapproval, my husband.

I decided, one day, that it would be now or never - I quit my career in Health Care and took an internship with a post production design studio in Downtown Toronto. I did what every intern would do - go on coffee runs, order food, answer phones, but at the same time I learned valuable information from my colleagues on how to master design programs further than what I had taught myself, as well as get introduced to the world of motion design. I managed to become employed after 6 months of internship! I then increased my interest in Photography and shot events and weddings on the weekend.

April Leilani Photography was born quite literally after my daughter was born. My love for babies and the family dynamic grew as my own family grew! I left full-time employment to take my business venture full-time. It has been a difficult but rewarding process, and I wouldn't change any of it. Now, I can truly finally say - I LOVE MY JOB.