Pricing Guide

Newborn Mini Session

This package is just for the Newborn Baby. The session will last approximately 1-2 hours in-studio with your choice of props and wraps. You will receive 15 high resolution edited digital images.

$350 + TAX

Full Newborn Studio Session

This package includes family photos, photos with each parent, sibling photos, and photos of the baby alone. This sessions lasts 2 hours, up to a max of 3 hours, with your choice of props and wraps. You will receive 25 high resolution edited digital images.

$550 + TAX

Family Newborn Session

This package is just family photos (including sibling and with each parent), but no solo photos of just the baby. This session lasts 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours. You will receive 15 high resolution edited digital images.

$460 + TAX

Newborn Sessions are typically scheduled on weekday mornings only because weekends book up fast with other types of sessions.

Each package that involves family photos (Full Newborn Studio Session and Family Newborn Session) includes up to 4 family members. Each additional person is $30 +tax extra. Family members must be immediate family only. Grandparents are an extra $30 + tax per person. I strongly suggest that during the COVID-19 pandemic, you limit the amount of people for each session and not include elderly grandparents at this time for their safety.

Session length maximums are indicated under each package. This is more than enough time for the nature of these sessions. Overtime is charged at $100 +tax per hour.


A non-refundable retainer fee of 50% of the package price will be required to book a session. The remaining balance of 50% will be invoiced on the day of the session. If sessions need to be cancelled or rescheduled, the paid deposit/retainer fee will be applied to the rescheduled session. Please allow 24-48 hour notice if sessions need to be cancelled or rescheduled due to emergencies or sickness. Packages are not customizable. Package prices include only edited digital photos. We do not provide RAW or unedited photos.

Your session may be cancelled if any pandemic lockdowns are implemented in the York Region. Under these lockdown measures, I am legally not permitted to operate under any circumstances. If you live in a region outside of York, and your region is still under lockdown, please stay within your region's rules and do not attend a session here. Your session will be cancelled if you cross regions from a lockdown/stay-at-home area.

Preparing For Your Newborn Session

You've booked your session, now what?! I've compiled some useful tips for you to get prepared for our session and make the most out of our time together!

Preparing For Your Newborn Session

You've booked your session, now what?! I've compiled some useful tips for you to get prepared for our session and make the most out of our time together!

Safety is always first.

Please let me know if there are any special medical considerations that I should be aware of when handling your baby. I always take great care in holding and positioning the baby with safety in mind, but if there are any additional things I should know it would be helpful in creating the best environment for the baby.

COVID-19 Precautions.

My studio is equipped with a HEPA and UV Air Filter unit. As per current provincial requirements, the mask mandates have been lifted. Therefore, you are not obligated to wear a mask to our session but you are always welcome to use them. I will still continue to wear a mask during studio sessions, especially to protect newborns.

Any person that attends a session that is showing symptoms of a cold, flu, cough, fever etc. will be asked to kindly leave, and a rescheduled session will be planned for a later date. 


What is the best age to photograph a newborn baby?

The ideal time is when the baby is five to twelve days old. Newborns sleep more soundly at that age and easier to pose. However, some families have circumstances where they can’t make it in during that time, whether it be a longer hospital stay or schedule conflicts. In those cases, I can still work with older newborns. It takes extra care and time to pose older newborns as they are more alert and restless. Poses for older newborns may differ from poses that we can achieve for newborns younger than 2 weeks, so please keep that in mind if there are certain poses you hope to achieve.

How long should we expect the session to be?

I set aside a maximum of 3 hours for a full newborn session (with family photos). This will leave enough time for breaks for feeding, soothing and changing diapers. Typically, sessions for first-time parents who come within the 5-12 days of birth, will be here for an average of 2 hours. Families with older newborns and/or other young children (toddlers) may expect to be here the full 3 hours.

Typically, I begin sessions with portraits of parents and siblings with the baby. Then, we move towards portraits of the baby alone using various wraps, props etc.

What should we wear?

My photography style is quite natural, so the best attire to wear would be light, soft, natural, earthy and neutral (beiges, light greys, blush, pastels etc). Avoid busy patterns, bright/bold colours or dark clothing. Soft floral patterns are fine.

Photos are meant to be cherished for years and years to come, so try to choose classic pieces. Adding pieces with texture are also a nice touch, such as lace and knit. Coordinate your outfits with your family members, but do not choose matching items (i.e. please do not wear all white shirts and blue jeans. It’s nice to coordinate, but not look like you are all wearing uniforms.

What should we bring?

Other than the essentials for your baby (diapers, formula etc), it might be a good idea to bring a change of clothes for yourselves in the event of any small accidents that may occur while your baby is naked. Bring enough wipes and enough extra diapers so you don't run out. If the baby takes a pacifier, bring it just in case we need it.

Snacks for toddlers/kids and books or a toy (something to keep them occupied while not taking photos) are a good idea, as sessions can be quite long.

Can I bring my own props?

I generally like to use the props I have in my studio, as they are specfically geared towards newborn photography. However, if you have special sentimental items that you would like to bring, please let me know ahead of your session and I can see if I can incorporate it in the session. Keep in mind, babies are small so smaller items are best, rather than large items.

How do I prepare siblings for photos with the new baby?

Sibling photos are the most desired photos for parents. They are also the most stressful for parents if their little ones are less than cooperative. My best piece of advice is: just go with it. Kids, in general, do not like being pressured into taking photos. The best photos come from an organic place: siblings playing naturally with their new baby sister or brother. If a child is not being cooperative, most often the best thing is for parents to take a step back or give the child a small break. I like to create a stress-free environment, so don't worry about getting a perfect shot.

The best way to prepare your other kids, especially toddlers, is to make them feel special and important prior to the session and during the session. Having a new baby in the house is a pretty major change in their little lives. Chances are, they may feel a little overwhelmed.

Should we do anything to prepare the new baby for the session?

Try to keep the baby awake for at least an hour before the session. I know this may be hard (especially on a car ride over), but it helps to have a sleepy baby for photos. It’s also best to feed right before the session. You can do that as soon as you come in. A full feed is best, rather than having to stop multiple times during a session to soothe the baby with short feedings.

Dress your baby in a footed sleeper that is easy to remove. I have several wraps and newborn outfits to use, so you don’t need to bring any outfits for the baby to be photographed in. Store-bought newborn clothing rarely fits their little bodies, so they don’t photograph well.

I have ideas, can you accommodate?

Many parents come with ideas for pictures and I welcome any ideas you might have. Please try to email these ideas well before your session so I can be prepared and see if it's something I can do. Generally, I like to stay within my specific style, so as long as it doesn't venture too far off and is within the realm of safety and my abilities, I am happy to accommodate. One thing I do not do are unnatural posing and composite photos. I like to keep my style as natural as possible.

Remember: Have Fun!

Newborn sessions are not meant to be stressful, even though it can seem pretty overwhelming if you have a crying baby and a toddler who won't listen to you and partner who doesn't seem at all interested in having photos done. We've all been there! LOL. BUT I want this to be a great experience for all of you! If we all remain patient and open, we will have an excellent session. Remember, don't focus too much on the "perfect shot" and don't place too much hope on certain poses/shots. We will try each pose as best we can and move on if it just doesn't work for the baby and/or the other kids. My best advice: go with the flow! I have years of experience, so place your trust in me and our session will be amazing!

Current Availability

At this time, I am NOT taking any more bookings for the remainder of 2022 and the entirety of 2023.